Thursday, August 20, 2015

Beard Vape Co. E-Juice Now Available

We're happy to announce that we're now carrying select flavors of Beard Vape Co. gourmet e-juice. Widely recognized as one of the top manufacturers of e-liquid in the country, and based right here in Los Angeles, Beard Vape Co. carefully crafts some of the most palate pleasing flavors of e-juice you'll ever experience. Click here to check out our full selection of Beard Vape Co. E-Juice.

Available in varying nicotine levels, each distinct flavor of Beard Vape Co. E-Juice has different levels of PG/VG, so you'll be able to find a mixture that suits your vaping preference. Flavors and varying PG/VG levels are as follows:

No. 05: Strawberry Cheesecake - VG/PG (60/40)

No.32: Cinnamon Funnel Cake - VG/PG (60/40)

No. 51: Vanilla Custard - VG/PG (85/15)

No. 61: Hibiscus Cotton Candy - VG/PG (70/30)

Monday, August 17, 2015

New Product Spotlight

We're always adding great new vaporizers, and this past week has been no exception. Here's a few additions we've recently made to the VaporNation family.


Constructed with the same beauty and attention to detail as the Launch Box, the Magic Flight Muad-Dib concentrate box utilizes the same "low-tech" approach to vaporizing your favorite wax or waxy oils as the Launch Box takes to dry herbs. The Muad-Dib's heating element activates by simply inserting the rechargeable battery into the unit. Covered by a lifetime manufacturer warranty, the Muad-Dib is easily one of the most durable and reliable units on the market - and because it's a Magic Flight product, you know it's constructed from only the finest materials and built to last. Learn more about the Muad-Dib Concentrate Box on the product page.


Boasting an ultra long-lasting battery, the new S-Type from Sutra is one of the coolest looking portable vaporizers we've seen in awhile. For use with dry herbs, the S-Type's durable body is constructed from high-quality heat temperate polycarbonate. With four preset heat settings ranging from 390°- 480°F, you'll be able to experiment and find exactly which temperature is right for you. Perfect for vaporizing on-the-go, the S-Type's sleek, ergonomic design is the perfect companion for all your outdoor vaping excursions. Check out the product page to learn more about the S-Type.


Redefining the term "discreet," the Vapor Cup is by far the best option for vaporizing under-the-radar. It's unique design looks just like a travel coffee mug, so nobody know you're actually vaping when you put your lips to the straw and take a hit. The Vapor Cup's build quality is second to none. Constructed from stainless steal, this unit is solid and can be taken anywhere without having to worry about damaging it. Great for the beach, park, concerts or just walking around town, now you can vape anywhere without having to worry about nosy onlookers. Click here to learn more about the Vapor Cup.


If you're looking for a wax pen that performs like a desktop dab rig, than look no further than the SToK R Series. Featuring a visual reaction chamber, you can actually watch the giant funnel clouds build up in the chamber before taking a hit. This thing seriously rips! At half the price of other high-end wax pens, the SToK R delivers some serious bang for you buck. Check out the product page to learn more.

Thursday, August 6, 2015

The Vapor Cup Portable Vaporizer is Now Available!

Looking for a discreet way to vape during all your outdoor summer activities? Look no further than the Vapor Cup! Perfect for days at the beach, the park, concerts, camping or just running errands around town. There's no other vaporizer that's as inconspicuous as the Vapor Cup. It's unique travel mug design means that you'll be able to vape in public without anyone knowing.

While other vaporizers claim to be discreet, they often fall short when it comes to performance. So, unsatisfied with the selection on the market, Vapor Cup set out to create something that could be used in public, but also performed as well as other top-tier vaporizers. Thus, the Vapor Cup was born.

Featuring precise temperature control (adjustable anywhere between 200°- 400°F), high-quality stainless steel construction and two different ways to vape - the Vapor Cup is redefining what it means to be a discreet vaporizer. With a design that's not only ultra-discreet but also easy to clean, you'll no longer have to sacrifice vapor quality for a vape that flies under the radar. Get the best of both worlds with the Vapor Cup.

Simply put, this the the ultimate discreet vaporizer. So stop worrying about attracting unwanted attention during your public vape sessions. Set your mind at ease with the Vapor Cup!

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

This Thing Rips! The SToK R Series Wax Pen is Coming Soon!

We're stoked to announce that we'll soon be carrying the SToK R Series wax pen! This discreet vape has been making big waves with dab enthusiasts all over the world, and it's easy to see why. The SToK R is the wax pen that really hits like a true dab rig. Seeing is believing - which is why the R Series comes with a visual reaction chamber, so you can watch your wax plume build before taking a hit. SToK's slogan is "This thing rips!" - and they're not playing around. There's no other wax pen on the market that performs like the SToK R.

Equipped with a powerful 6500 micro amp battery with micro chip processor, calibrated temperature control coil. instant centerfire chamber, advanced airflow system, polycarbonate heating chamber with ceramic and titanium components, as well as a quick load cartridge, there's no other wax pen on the market that can match the SToK R Series.

We'll be adding the SToK R Series to our extensive selection of wax pens later this week, so be sure to check back soon!

Monday, July 20, 2015

K-Vape vs K-Vape Micro-DX

Two of the most popular portable vaporizers on the market today are the K-Vape and K-Vape Micro-DX from KandyPens. While each model has unique features, they all come equipped with an industry leading lifetime warranty! There's few other manufacturers that stand by their products the way that KandyPens does. So what are the differences between the original K-Vape and the Micro-DX version? Let's take a look.

The K-Vape exploded onto the scene earlier this year, and has since become one of the top selling portables of 2015. Priced under $100, the original K-Vape is an amazing option for those looking for a easy-to-use, reliable vaporizer that won't break the bank. Featuring three preset temperature settings (360°, 380°, 420°F) and offering users a smoke free, true vaporization experience, it's easy to see why the K-Vape is a favorite among vape newbies and seasoned vapor enthusiasts alike.


Recently released, the 24K Edition K-Vape features the same great technology and portability of the original, but with a revamped look. Both black and white versions of the 24K Edition feature gold accents. Also included with this special edition K-Vape is a KandyPens bi-level grinder and a 'Stay Vaped' tray to help you consolidate all your "goodies." The K-Vape 24K Edition doesn't just look great, it peforms great too.


The newest, and most advanced member of the K-Vape family is the ultra-sleek, highly portable Micro-DX. As one of the smallest, most discreet portable vaporizers on the market, the Micro-DX's matte black finish is highlighted by an OLED readout which displays battery life and temperature. Speaking of temperature, the K-Vape Micro-DX features precise heating control, and can be set to any temperature between 350°- 430°F, giving you ultimate control over your vaporization experience.

You can find the K-Vape, K-Vape 24K Edition and Micro-DX at at the guaranteed lowest prices.

Friday, July 17, 2015

New Lay's Potato Chip Flavors Announced

lays do us a flavor finalists 2015

It's that time of the year when Frito-Lay announces the four finalists in their "do us a flavor" competition. Those who have been anxiously awaiting the announcement were not disappointed, as this years finalists may be the best (and most edible) yet.

This years menu includes Kettle Cooked Greektown Gyro, Wavy West Coast Truffle Fries, Southern Biscuits and Gravy, and New York Reuben. With over a million submissions, getting to the final four is a big deal. Each finalist receives $50,000, while the winner will receive a cool $1 million.

Here's a little background on the finalists and what inspired their flavor submissions:

Flavor #1: Southern Biscuits and Gravy

Submission by: Hailey Green of Noblesville, Indiana

“As a travel agent, Hailey Green has many opportunities to sample local flavors when exploring a new city. She has a great appreciation for each locale’s ‘homemade style,’ because it reminds her of her own childhood, filled with memories of eating Southern food in her grandmother’s kitchen. One of Hailey’s favorite dishes is biscuits and gravy — a recipe that was handed down in her family generation after generation. Not surprisingly, this family-favorite also inspired her potentially million-dollar winning potato chip idea.”

Flavor #2: Kettle Cooked Greektown Gyro

Submission by: James Wagner of Wichita Falls, Texas


“James Wagner has been in the Air Force for more than 18 years, traveling the country and abroad, and discovering local tastes at each stop on his journey. While abroad, James discovered his fondness for Greek cuisine, so when he moved to Wichita Falls, Texas, he immediately sought out the closest gyro specialty restaurant. As it turns out, there is one right outside the Air Force base gate. His flavor inspiration comes from his regular visits to that restaurant.”

Flavor #3: New York Reuben

Submission by: Jeff Solensky of DuBois, Pennsylvania


“Jeff Solensky helps manage a local restaurant in DuBois, Pa., where he pursues his true passion in life — food. Growing up in Long Island, N.Y., Jeff has fond memories of traveling into Manhattan to enjoy Broadway shows with his mother. A big part of that tradition was stopping by popular New York delis beforehand to enjoy signature, mouth-watering Reubens. Inspired by the delicious Reuben sandwiches of his childhood, Jeff came up with the idea to infuse those same flavors into a potato chip.”

Flavor #4: Wavy West Coast Truffle Fries

Submission by: Angie Fu of Irvine, California


“Angie Fu, a native Californian, has had a passion for food and discovering local flavors from an early age. She very nearly went into culinary school, but instead opted to keep her love of flavor a hobby. When Angie is home, she is constantly in her kitchen, trying her hand at new dishes and sauces. But when Angie goes out to eat, she can’t say no to truffle fries, even seeking out restaurants in the area that put their own local twist on her favorite side.”

Thursday, July 16, 2015

New Cloud Pens Have Arrived!

New and improved Cloud Pens are here, and better than ever! If you're looking for a quick and discreet solution to vaping your favorite wax and herbs on-the-go, look no further than the new line of Cloud Pens. With three different models to choose from, you'll be sure to find one that's right for you.


The 1.0 is the smallest and most discreet of the new Cloud Pen family. Available in a matte black finish with blue accents and a blue back-lit LED power button, the 1.0 comes with a single coil atomizer that's designed specifically for use with your favorite wax or waxy oils. A 350mAh battery ensures quick heat-up and efficient heating. If you're looking for a wax pen that's small enough to bring anywhere, the 1.0 is for you.


Larger and more powerful than the 1.0, the Cloud Pen 2.0 features a 650mAh battery and can heat wax to higher temperatures even quicker than the 1.0. Available in eight distinct colors, you'll be sure to find one that matches your personality. The 2.0 comes standard with two wax atomizers (single and dual coil), allowing you to switch between them depending on the strength of hit you desire.


For those looking for the ultimate vape pen experience, look no further than the Cloud Pen 3.0. Available in eight eye-catching colors, the 3.0 utilizes a 650mAh battery and is accented by a yellow back-lit LED power button. So what's the difference between the 2.0 and 3.0 models? While the 2.0 comes with two wax atomizers, the 3.0 comes standard with two wax atomizers (dual coil, vertical rod), a CBD oil atomizer, as well as a dry herb atomizer. The 3.0 also comes with Cloud Atlas 1.0 glass attachment. Also included with the Cloud Pen 3.0 kit are five additional mouthpieces, and wax and dry herb tool, and a silicone jar for wax storage.

Monday, July 13, 2015

On-The-Go Summer Vaping Tips

There's no better way to take advantage of the beautiful summertime weather than finding a great spot to soak up the sun with your favorite portable vaporizer! No matter where you live, it's always fun to grab your backpack and hit the road on a little summer excursion in search of the perfect vape spot.

With that said, we've come up with a few tips to help you leave the stress behind and ensure your outdoor vape sessions go off without a hitch this summer.


This is a no-brainer, but also incredibly easy to overlook. There's nothing worse than grabbing all your gear and hitting the road, only to realize you forgot to throw your vape on the charger after the previous night's session. We recommend charging first thing in the morning, so that by the time you're ready to head outside and enjoy the day, you're all juiced-up. Avoid over-charging your vaporizer, as overall battery life can actually diminish if left on the charger for too long (which is why we don't recommend charging over night).

Many of the newest portable vaporizer models utilize lithium-ion batteries that can be removed and charged outside of the unit, allowing you to purchase an additional battery that you can always keep fully charged and ready to go. USB and car chargers are also great for making sure you don't unexpectedly run out of juice.


Even the most durable portable vaporizers can be prone to breakage if they're not properly protected during transit. While it may seem like just another cost to incur, purchasing a case for your vape is the best thing you could possibly do to protect your investment. We all know that dexterity can sometimes suffer after a big vape session, so you don't want to leave anything to chance. Just like you wouldn't buy a brand new phone and not protect it with a case, that same approach should be taken with your vape.

A case won't just keep your unit intact, it will also help protect it from wear and tear and keep it looking nice and free from scratches and dings. With specially designed cases for most popular portable vaporizers, it's easier than ever to keep your unit as nice as the day you bought it.


It's always a good idea to keep a couple backup accessories, especially if your vape uses a glass draw-stem, which are prone to breakage during travel. Additional accessories are relativity inexpensive, so you won't have to break the bank. Extra screens and mouthpieces are a great thing to have in reserve, as it's always better to have them and not need them, then to need them and not have them. If you're more into wax pens that herbal vaporizers, then you know that having backup atomizers on deck is a must.

Much like a vape case, purchasing additional parts and accessories can seem like just an extra expense to incur, but you'll almost certainly need that at some point, so it's best not to wait until something breaks before purchasing a backup.

Thursday, July 9, 2015

Check Out VaporNation On MassRoots

MassRoots, the social network for the cannabis community, has grown to over 375,000 users in just two years since its inception back in 2013. Billing itself as the Instagram for stoners, the MassRoots app allows users to post anything and everything weed related, without having to worry about the blow-back you might get on mainstream social networking sites. 

"The whole point is we don't want our grandmothers to see us taking bong rips on Facebook," says MassRoots CEO Issac Dietrich.

But MassRoots is more than just a platform for its users to post vaping selfies or photos of their prized nugs, it's also a great tool for dispensaries. 

"Currently, Google, Twitter, and Facebook ban most marijuana-related advertising. Dispensaries are solely relying on specific magazines and newspapers, so we are on of the only places business can access active smokers," says Dietrich. "Facebook and Instagram are deleting dispensary pages after they get too big...We're a great way for dispensaries to post and establish a following that will not one day disappear."


All the numbers indicate MassRoots is poised for the big-time, but it hasn't been an easy journey. The app was actually pulled from the App Store by Apple, which then lead Apple to create a policy prohibiting all related cannabis apps.

MassRoots combated this by sending messages to their users, urging them to organize and help them fight Apple. MassRoots claims that Apple's policy was violating free speech, and was "stifling innovation in the cannabis industry," as well as preventing people with medical conditions from receiving crucial information about their medicine and communicating with other patients.

"As you have a community of hundreds of thousands of like-minded people, those people talk to each other and can be organized behind central goals to help move the indsutry forward. Our App Store campagn was kind of our first foray into activism and motivating our community to take action." says CEO Dietrich.

Apple eventually realized they were in the wrong and reversed its policy earlier this year, allowing social weed apps again.


With marijuana reform sure to be a hot-button issue in next years presidential election, MassRoots is planning on getting their users involved by adding a voter registration button to the app. "We have eight states with legalization in some form on the ballot in 2016. We plan to help win every single one," says Dietrich.


VaporNation is proud to announce that we've officially joined the MassRoots family! We're excited to be a part of a growing community of people who share our interests. Be sure to download the app and follow @vapornation for exclusive deals and giveaways available only to our MassDrop buds.