Friday, November 27, 2015


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Tuesday, November 17, 2015

The Vapir Prima is MassRoots 'Pick of the Week'

Our friends at MassRoots have selected the new Prima Vaporizer from Vapir as their Pick of the Week! Use promo code MASSROOTS at checkout to receive 20% of your order total. Now is the perfect time to get your hands this revolutionary new portable that many are calling the best vaporizer of 2015.

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Wednesday, October 21, 2015

PAX Has Arrived at VaporNaton!

The portable vaporizer that started a revolution and helped bring vaping to the forefront has now arrived at VaporNation! By seamlessly combining first-class performance with enhanced portability and unmistakable styling, the PAX and PAX 2 have become the benchmark by which all other portable vaporizers are measured. More than just a vaporizer, the PAX has become the ultimate accessory for cannabis enthusiasts around the globe. Highly regarded and consistently mentioned near the top of everyone's list of top ranking units, the PAX and PAX 2 have been able to achieve a level of popularity and success previously unseen in the vaporizer industry.


There are few other portable vaporizers that get as much recognition as the PAX - and for good reason. To start, the PAX 2 is a self-optimizing unit which utilizes advanced motion sensing technology to help conserve battery life. By being able to sense movement as well as lip pressure, the PAX 2 has the ability to put itself in standby-mode - at which point power output and temperature are reduced to save battery life and herb chamber contents. 

Sleeker and more compact than the original (25% smaller, 10% lighter), the PAX 2's user-friendly one button interface is simple and intuitive. Any of four preset temperature settings (360°, 380°, 400°, 420°F) are reached in less than a minute, which is displayed by the PAX's iconic 'X' shaped LED indicator light that changes from purple (during heating) to green once it's ready to vape.

Often imitated but never duplicated, the PAX and PAX 2 feature incredibly fashion-forward styling. While portable vaporizers are nothing new, the PAX was one of the first to place as much emphasis on aesthetics as functionality. By doing so, PAX's mass appeal has extended beyond typical vape connoisseurs and enthusiasts - instead reaching and intriguing technology taste-makers and fashionistas alike. As the vaporizer industry continues to evolve, PAX remains on the forefront as a leader in innovation and popularity.

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Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Vapium Summit Now Available!

Looking for a portable vaporizer that can keep up with you on weekend camping trips and extended hiking excursions? VaporNation is thrilled to announce that we're now carrying the Vapium Summit - the only vaporizer that's tested in extreme elements and built to withstand whatever mother nature can throw at it. If increased durability and enhanced ruggedness are on the top of your portable vaporizer checklist, then look no further than the Summit.


The Summit by Vapium is the ultimate vaporizer for avid outdoor adventurer types, as well as casual vape on-the-go enthusiasts alike. Constructed from super-rough, temperature resistant polycarbonate, there's simply no other portable unit that can match the longevity and overall sturdiness of the Summit. 

While many vaporizers claim to be "portable," their designs don't always lend themselves well to life on the road. In contrast, the Summit was built with one specific purpose in mind: to be the quintessential grab-and-go vape that can perform at a high level in extreme settings and environments. Boasting a ergonomic design with a textured thermoplastic urethane grip, as well as clever features like a threatened chamber cap, Vapium has managed to create a portable that is truly built for the road.

Aside from being able to outlast most other vaporizers, the Summit also outperforms the majority of portable units on the market today. By utilizing 8 optimized heat settings ranging from 320°F- 446°F, the Summit allows you you to quickly cycle through available temperature levels which are indicated by different color LED display lights. Able to reach desired temp in just 45 seconds, the Summit features a unique haptic feedback feature, which sends out a short vibration once it's heated up and ready to go. 

The Summit's intuitive and user-friendly nature coupled with an advanced air path and incredibly low draw resistance make vaping as seamless and enjoyable as possible. Priced at just $149.99, Vapium ensures that the Summit isn't just one of the most reliable and durable portables around - it's also one of the most affordable!


For those looking for the absolute tops in enhanced versatility, the Summit Weekender Kit includes Vapium's Spring Solar Charger allows you to keep your Summit fully charged even when you're off the grid. Simply expose the solar charger to a strong light source (e.g. the Sun) to charge the Spring's internal battery up to 200mAh  - allowing you to keep the Summit or electronic devices juiced during extended vape excursions.

Simply put, the Vapium Summit is the perfect companion for outdoor destination vaporizing, and anyone with an active lifestyle who require increased versatility, portability and durability than most portable vapes are capable of providing. Check out the Summit and the Summit Weekend Kit today!

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Men's Warehouse Founder Calls War On Marijuana “Biggest Con Ever Perpetrated”

Remember the "You're gonna like the way you look, I guarantee it," guy from the old Men's Warehouse commercials? Well, that was actually the founder of the company, George Zimmer. You may recall reading a headline a few years ago about how Zimmer was ousted from Men's Warehouse over "differences" between himself and the rest of the Board members.

Zimmer has recently found himself back in the headlines, after voicing his pro-marijuana stance in a recent interview with CNBC. In the interview, Zimmer admitted to being a regular marijuana smoker, and called weeds current legal status, “the biggest con ever perpetrated.”
“I’ve been smoking marijuana on a regular basis for about 50 years. As you can see, it’s really impacted me in a negative way.”
Zimmer has been a vocal proponent of legalization, recently delivering a speech at the Cannabis World Congress & Business Expo here in Los Angeles. During said speech, Zimmer that “Everybody in the country knows what the truth here is, except the 535 people we elect to make these decisions in Washington, D.C., It’s astounding.”

He also pointed out marijuana’s nonsensical schedule 1 status, which lumps weed into the same category as seriously dangerous drugs, such as heroin. Zimmer went on to say the following:
“It’s treated like it was heroin, everybody’s who is in high school hears that and goes, ‘What are they talking about?'” The emperor’s not wearing any clothes. This is the biggest con that has been perpetrated on this country in the last century.”
However, even though Zimmer is pro-pot, and supporting next year's the ballot initiative to legalize recreational marijuana - he warns that we need to be weary of the way it ends up being regulated. "I think it's important that we protect limited home cultivation without any government licensing, so whether it's one plant or 10 plants, I don't know, but I think that's very important."

When asked about his ousting from Men's Warehouse, the company which he founded and ran as CEO for 40 years, Zimmer said it was "probably the greatest thing that ever happened to me." The firing forced Zimmer to go back to the drawing board and learn about the new technological advancements in retail, which led to his new businesses. "My best advice is, 'You only lose if you don't get back up off the ground. Every time you get back up, you win," he said.

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Vapir Prima Now Available For Pre-Order

Earlier this summer, Vapir officially announced that their newest vaporizer offering was in the final stages of production, and that it would be released sometime in the fall. Well, the time has come, and we're thrilled to announce that the newest vaporizer from Vapir, the Prima, is now available to pre-order! Be one of the first to own this revolutionary new portable device that will undoubtedly rival other top-tier units.

The Prima is the brand-new portable vape that supports both dry herbs as well as waxy concentrates. Vapir took a fresh approach to the design of the Prima, and were able to come up with something truly unique and elegant. Featuring a durable brushed aluminum body, the Prima boasts a removable stainless steel vapor path (for easy cleaning), and a removable/replaceable lithium-ion battery (so that you can keep a backup battery charged and ready to go at a moment's notice). This unit utilizes four preset temperature settings, which range from 350°F (Level 1) to 400°F (Level 4). By not exceeding 400°F, the Prima ensures that your vaporizing experience will be combustion-free.

Vapir did a great job with the Prima's visual appeal. It's easily one of the sexiest looking vaporizers in recent memory. In fact, they've managed to created something sleek and sophisticated, while still maintaining an element of heavy-duty durability. While some other portables feel cheap and flimsy, the Prima boasts a build quality that is second to none. Rest assured knowing that the Prima can dish out whatever your on-the-go vape sessions can throw at it. In addition, Vapir backs the the Prima with an industry leading 5 year warranty.

There's few other portables that perform on the level of the Prima. By combining true convection with conduction (similar to the way that the Crafty functions), the Prima produces some of the tastiest, most plentiful vapor clouds of any portable device. There's absolutely no learning curve with this device. Just pack it up, set your temperature, and get ready for a vaporization experience like no other. If you're tired of vaporizers that just don't produce enough vapor for your liking, you'll for sure want to check out the Prima. There's certainly no shortage of vapor with this unit.

A removable 3.6v 3200mAh lithium-ion battery is what powers this device, which charges on a base which is included with the unit. When the battery is fully charged, you'll be able to squeeze out about an hour of continuous use. However, the fact that the Prima's battery is removable gives you the option to keep multiple backup batteries charged up so that if one runs out at an inopportune time, you can just swap it out for a full charged one. With the Prima, you'll never be without juice again.

Monday, September 14, 2015

Introducing the World's First Portable E-Nail

E-nails have exploded in popularity over the past year, and have quickly become one of the most used devices for vaporizing wax concentrates. E-nails are great, as they provide perhaps the most powerful means of wax vaporization. However, the problem with e-nails is that they're typically very expensive, cumbersome, and must be plugged into a standard wall outlet for power. This is why we're super excited to bring you the first truly portable, cordless, rechargeable e-nail - the Torrid from White Rhino.

Instead of relying on power from a wall outlet, the Torrid utilizes an internal rechargeable battery, meaning you can now vaporize anywhere without having to worry about plugging-in. The Torrid is the first ever e-nail that you can take with you and use anywhere. Ever wanted to take your dab rig outside, but can't because you have no means to power it? That's now a problem of the past, as the Torrid can be taken anywhere you take your water pipe, for a cord free dab experience.

The Torrid's unique 6-in-1 base adapter features multiple tiers, and will fit the male or female end of any standard water pipe. Now you can turn your favorite bong into a powerful dab rig for a fraction of the price of other e-nails.

With the simple press of a button, the Torrid's powerful triple-coil ceramic rod atomizer begins heating and is ready for some serious wax vaporization. Just place a dab on the coils and get ready to experience your favorite concentrates in a whole new way.

In addition to being completely portable and battery operated, the Torrid also features two removable air passage pins for easy cleaning. Unscrewing the base of the Torrid reveals a reclamation chamber which catches any residual wax that passes through the coil but does not vaporize. This is a great tool to ensure you're getting the most from your concentrate, and not letting valuable dabs go to waste.

If you currently own an e-nail or have been contemplating purchasing one, you know that these devices are a serious investment and can cost a lot of money. Retailing for just under $135, the Torrid from White Rhino is the most affordable and versatile e-nail on the market today. There's no other device that offers the type of portability, power and convenience that the Torrid gives you at such an affordable price.

Why restrict yourself to indoor dab rig sessions? Instead, grab the Torrid and your bong and head outside for a fresh spin on your daily routine. Find a great spot outdoors to sit and reflect while you fire up the new Torrid e-nail and take some dabs to the dome. Don't let yourself be tied down by power cords. A change of scenery is always nice, and can really enhance your medicinal experience. So grab life (and this White Rhino product) by the horns and get out there and vape!

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

We've Got The Latest Mods & Mod Accessories

With more and more people being made aware of the dangers of smoking cigarettes, e-cigs and other electronic vaporizers are steadily increasing in popularity. Even if you don't know much about mods, you almost certainly know a friend who has one, or have seen someone vaping in public at some point.


There are many different types of e-cigs and mod devices, the most popular being Electronic Mods. Often referred to as "Box Mods", these handheld devices boast variable wattage and voltage, and feature advanced safety features to ensure the safest experience possible. Electronic mods vary in power levels, making it easy to find one that suits your vaping preferences.

For those looking to ease their way in to the world of mods, starter kits like the Aspire Premium and the Aspire Platinum Kit come with everything you need to ensure you'll be vaping like a pro in no-time. The Aspire Premium Kit includes the popular Nautilus Mini Tank and standard CF (carbon fiber) variable voltage battery. If you're seeking more power and bigger clouds, the Platinum Kit features a high-quality Aspire Atlantis Tank capable of reaching sub-ohm resistance levels for more serious vaping.

If you're looking for a bit more customization, the Innokin iTaste VV4 is a great introductory device that features a maximum 15W output and available in both 750mAh and 1000mAh battery levels. The VV4 is compatible with clearomizers like the Kanger Protank Series and the Innokin Gladius Series.

For intermediate vape enthusiasts, we offer a wide selection of low-wattage mods, like the Innokin iTaste MVP 20W, MVP 3.0 30W, and the Eleaf iStick 30W Mod. Available in a variety of colors, these entry-level devices are great for casual vaping and will supply enough power for the needs of most.

Finally, if only the most massive vapor clouds will do, step-up to an Advanced Personal Vaporizer like the Innokin Cool Fire IV, Eleaf iStick 50W, or the insanely powerful Innokin iTaste MVP 3.0 PRO, which boasts an unprecedented 60 watts of power! Advanced mods like these are compatible with sub-ohm resistance level clearomizer tanks, like the newest version of the Aspire Atlantis, or the new line of Kanger Subtanks, which are now available in multiple colors.

So if you're looking for the latest e-cigs, mods, mod accessories and e-liquid - look no further than VaporNation, and let us be your one-stop shop for all things vapor.

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Beard Vape Co. E-Juice Now Available

We're happy to announce that we're now carrying select flavors of Beard Vape Co. gourmet e-juice. Widely recognized as one of the top manufacturers of e-liquid in the country, and based right here in Los Angeles, Beard Vape Co. carefully crafts some of the most palate pleasing flavors of e-juice you'll ever experience. Click here to check out our full selection of Beard Vape Co. E-Juice.

Available in varying nicotine levels, each distinct flavor of Beard Vape Co. E-Juice has different levels of PG/VG, so you'll be able to find a mixture that suits your vaping preference. Flavors and varying PG/VG levels are as follows:

No. 05: Strawberry Cheesecake - VG/PG (60/40)

No.32: Cinnamon Funnel Cake - VG/PG (60/40)

No. 51: Vanilla Custard - VG/PG (85/15)

No. 61: Hibiscus Cotton Candy - VG/PG (70/30)

Monday, August 17, 2015

New Product Spotlight

We're always adding great new vaporizers, and this past week has been no exception. Here's a few additions we've recently made to the VaporNation family.


Constructed with the same beauty and attention to detail as the Launch Box, the Magic Flight Muad-Dib concentrate box utilizes the same "low-tech" approach to vaporizing your favorite wax or waxy oils as the Launch Box takes to dry herbs. The Muad-Dib's heating element activates by simply inserting the rechargeable battery into the unit. Covered by a lifetime manufacturer warranty, the Muad-Dib is easily one of the most durable and reliable units on the market - and because it's a Magic Flight product, you know it's constructed from only the finest materials and built to last. Learn more about the Muad-Dib Concentrate Box on the product page.


Boasting an ultra long-lasting battery, the new S-Type from Sutra is one of the coolest looking portable vaporizers we've seen in awhile. For use with dry herbs, the S-Type's durable body is constructed from high-quality heat temperate polycarbonate. With four preset heat settings ranging from 390°- 480°F, you'll be able to experiment and find exactly which temperature is right for you. Perfect for vaporizing on-the-go, the S-Type's sleek, ergonomic design is the perfect companion for all your outdoor vaping excursions. Check out the product page to learn more about the S-Type.


Redefining the term "discreet," the Vapor Cup is by far the best option for vaporizing under-the-radar. It's unique design looks just like a travel coffee mug, so nobody know you're actually vaping when you put your lips to the straw and take a hit. The Vapor Cup's build quality is second to none. Constructed from stainless steal, this unit is solid and can be taken anywhere without having to worry about damaging it. Great for the beach, park, concerts or just walking around town, now you can vape anywhere without having to worry about nosy onlookers. Click here to learn more about the Vapor Cup.


If you're looking for a wax pen that performs like a desktop dab rig, than look no further than the SToK R Series. Featuring a visual reaction chamber, you can actually watch the giant funnel clouds build up in the chamber before taking a hit. This thing seriously rips! At half the price of other high-end wax pens, the SToK R delivers some serious bang for you buck. Check out the product page to learn more.