Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Magic Flight Launch Box Still Among the Best Portable Vaporizers

There's a reason why Magic Flight has been able to build one of the biggest customer followings of any vaporizer manufacturer. By offering hand-crafted products that are affordable, uniquely designed, and easy-to-use, Magic Fight has separated themselves from the rest of the industry.

Recently, the vaporizer market has become flooded with mass-produced "clones," which all look exactly the same aside from the logo that's been slapped on the front. Magic Flight's goal to break from the mundane and create a vaporizer that looks and functions completely different from the competition has been received with open arms by the vaporization community.

Magic Flight's flagship unit, the Launch Box, is perhaps the smallest and most discreet portable vaporizer in existence. These vaporizers are hand-crafted and sourced from natural, renewable materials. Each Launch Box goes through a pain-staking 87 step assembly process, ensuring an unprecedented level of quality.

Available in many different finishes as well as additional laser-lid design options, the MFLB is a dramatic departure from the common matte black handhelds that are being continually pumped out by manufacturers focused on nothing else but the bottom dollar. Magic Flight takes a completely different approach, instead, focusing on creating a vaporizer that is artistry designed with unique functionality.

Magic Fight's attention to detail and commitment to their customers is clear, as they offer an unprecedented lifetime warranty on their vaporizers. Compare that to other vapes in its class, where a two year warranty is the norm. Few other manufactures care as much about their customers or stand behind their products the way Magic Flight does.

Building on the huge success of the Launch Box, Magic Flight recently released the Muad-Dib Concentrate Box, for use with wax and waxy oils. Staying in line with classic Magic Flight styling, the Muad-Dib features a very "noir" look, and replaces the Launch Box's familar acrylic lid with a brush-brass monocle, reminiscent of "steam-punk" fashion. 

Accessories like the Orbiter and UFO water filtration devices, as well as wooden draw-stems, specially designed grinders and power adapters add to the already massive appeal of Magic Flight units, and allow for a high level of versatility and customization.

Magic Flight vaporizers look and perform beautifully - and are priced starting at less that $120!

Monday, June 29, 2015

Who is Marshmello?

If you're a fan of edm, you've probably heard the name Marshmello. His remix of the Jack Ü track, 'Where Are Ü Now,' featuring Justin Bieber has received over 400k plays on SoundCloud in just thirteen days. Despite being arguably the hottest up-and-coming producer in the industry, very little is known about Marshmello.

Marshmello is currently riding a wave of self-imposed anonymity through the EDM scene which is only serving to capture the curiosity and attention of listeners everywhere. Aside from an apparent connection to Skrillex, 'Mello' has chosen not to disclose any information about himself, begging the question, "Who is Marshmello?"

There's been speculation that Los Angeles based producer/DJ Jauz is the mystery man behind the fluff, while recent clues seem to lead to Philadelphia based producer Dotcom. Some have even suspected Skrillex himself. However, there's simply not enough information out there yet to answer that question definitively. In fact, Marshmello doesn't quite understand the public's need to put a face to the music. Mello posted this to his Facebook page back in May:
"Reading these threads on reddit about "who is marshmello" and I'm wondering why people can't just simply enjoy the music? Too many people get caught up in building a name for themselves and forget about the most important I say fuck all of that. I am marshmello."
Still very fresh on the scene, Marshmello has managed to build his "mellogang" to over 60k followers on SoundCloud, steaming from his debut track, 'WaVeZ,'

WaVeZ is a straight-up amalgamation of flowing neon melodies, booming 808’s and pitched-down dirty south vocal samples that sets a new standard in the flourishing “feel-good” trap genre. WaVeZ establishes a top-down, summertime vibe right from the get-go. Featuring a euphonious symphony of carefully crafted vocal pitching accompanied by a tastefully sampled Paul Wall hook (circa 2007), evoking an uplifting feeling of nostalgia while seamlessly incorporating panned arpeggiated synth-stabs along with a quintessential trap hi-hat arrangement which is sure to leave a smile perma-blasted on your face. Check out WaVeZ for yourself:

Marshmello is in good company, as his style is sure to draw comparisons to that of popular Future Classic artist Wave Racer, along with Trippy Turtle and Sluberjack. Marshmello has yet to annoiate fans with a touring schedule. However, with anticipation building to near intolerable levels, it’s only a matter of time before Marshmello is added to your favorite festival’s lineup.

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Time is Running Out to Save 20% on the miVape!

Next week marks the arrival of the highly anticipated miVape portable vaporizer from Vaporfection. To celebrate its release, we're offering 20% off when you pre-order the miVape before it officially goes on sale. Enter coupon code "MIVAPE" during checkout to save 20%.

Unlike other portable units that claim to produce no combustion during heating, the miVape uses true convection technology in conjunction with a 100% glass vapor delivery system to ensure only the cleanest, purest vapor is produced. Here's how it works:
"Air is heated near the center of the unit, which then travels through a specially designed spiral vapor path and into the heat chamber. A quartz cup is attached to the mouthpiece, effectively suspending the cup in the heat chamber. When you inhale, the air passes through the glass spiral where it gets heated before entering the chamber. Hot air then passes through the holes in the cup, allowing it to pass through the herbal material. Vapor is then produced and goes through the mouthpiece where it’s split and then reconnects at the quartz mouthpiece before being inhaled."

Able to reach temperatures upwards of 430°F, and constructed from only the highest quality medical grade materials, the miVape also features a full rechargeable, propriety lithium-ion polarized battery, capable of up to two hours of continuous use. Representing a new class of advanced personal vaporizers, the miVape's pocket-sized convenience and unmatched performance are second to none.

Friday, June 19, 2015

Burger King's New Red 'Samurai' Burger Joins Black 'Kuro' Burger on Japenese Menu

In case you weren't aware, last year Burger King unveiled something called the Kuro Burger ("kuro" means black) in their Japanese locations. This scary looking snack features a black bun, black cheese and black sauce. Don't worry, it's not mold that causes this strange mutation. The buns and cheese are actually made using bamboo charcoal, while the sauce contains squid ink. Sure, it looks a little strange - but as the old saying goes - don't judge a book by its cover.

We like to think the Kuro Burger is the result of Darth Vader "having it his way."

Now, BK is at again. We're not exactly sure why (maybe the black burger wasn't eye-catching enough?), but the King is now set to offer a red burger, affectionately dubbed the 'Aka'(red) Burger, or 'Samurai Burger.'

Much like it's black predecessor, the Samurai Burger features color uniformity, from its red bun to its red cheese. The sauce, although not as spectacular, is also red - and is referred to by BK Japan as "angry" sauce. Again, similar to the black Kuro Burger, the red Samurai Burger uses a natural ingredient (tomato powder) to achieve its glowing complexion, not artificial color.

Both black and red offerings are available with standard beef pattys or chicken.

As someone who doesn't eat fast-food terribly often (aside from the occasional stoned splurge). there's something insanely appealing about these burgers. The fact they're not available in the US is kind of a bummer. Hopefully, BK will hook us up with these strange snacks at some point. Until then, we'll stick with In-N-Out.

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Pizza: The Great Equalizer

Is there anything in the world that's as universally loved as pizza? What is it about the combination of gooey melted cheese, crispy golden crust, and a treasure trove of toppings all slathered in sweet salacious sauce that undeniably cuts to the emotional core of all of us?

There's few people in this world who would consider pizza as anything less that orgasmic. In fact, I'd go as far as to say that anyone who doesn't hold the all-mighty "Za" in the highest possible regard is, quite simply, not to be trusted.

Now, you may be thinking to yourself, "That's a little harsh, isn't it?" Hear me out. Think about everyone you've ever known who loves pizza (which should be just about anyone you've ever met in your entire life). This group of spectacular humans undoubtedly includes your grandmother, parents, best friend, significant other, favorite teacher and countless others. Pretty great group of people, right? 
"Every hour in the US, 1,260,000 slices of pizza are eaten. If that doesn't make you proud to be an American, then you're probably not an American."
Enjoying a pizza amongst Friends

OK. Now, thing about everyone you've ever known who doesn't like pizza. If you can even manage to come up with one person you've encountered in all your years who meets this shitty criteria, one thing's for certain - they're probably the worst person ever, and not worthy of your time.

Seriously though...

Think about it. Everyone loves pizza. It's one of those rare things that transcends race, gender, social status, religion - even time and space. Pizza is the great equalizer, with the power to make everyone realize their true place in the universe. Whatever our differences, they're easy to put aside when a piping hot pie is involved.

Let's take a look at the numbers:

Can't argue with that.

Perhaps the most beautiful thing about pizza is that it's physically impossible to fuck up. We've all been in this situation: After a long night of vaporizing, the munchies have finally hit. Nobody is delivering at this hour, but you had the foresight to stock up on frozen pizzas just in case you found yourself in this exact predicament. You throw a Red Baron Thin Crust into the oven and continue your vape session. After all, it's only proper to get baked as the pizza bakes

Unfortunately, you got a little too caught up in the new Destiny expansion, and forgot about your pie in the oven. You run to the kitchen just in time to pull your blackened comrade out of the flames. If this was any other food, you'd probably toss it in the trash and make something else. However, the point at which pizza is no longer edible is actually non-existent. Regardless of how burnt it is, we consider it "well-done," and bow our head to the pizza gods before we dig in.

At its surface, pizza may seem like just another form of stoner sustenance. However, if you dig a little deeper, you'll find that there's a little bit of us (humanity) in every slice of pizza. While we may all appear to be different, baked with different metaphorical ingredients and such, we're all created equally and are undeniably awesome at our core. Here's to you, pizza.

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Receive 20% Off When You Pre-Order the miVape!

Good things come to those who wait, and those who've been patiently waiting for the arrival of the miVape are in store for great things! That's why we're offering 20% off when you pre-order using coupon code "MIVAPE."

Many had written-off the miVape as “vaporware,” a product that is announced to the public but never actually ends up being produced nor officially cancelled. That notion is comprehensible, considering Vaporfection originally announced the miVape would be available way back in 2012. While it’s not terribly uncommon for a manufacturer to push back the expected arrival date of a product, some were beginning to chalk up the miVape as nothing more than an ambitious undertaking that would never actually come to fruition. 

Fast forward to this past April at the Denver High Times Cannabis Cup, where Vaporfection debuted a near production-ready model of the miVape to the world and announced it would be available to purchase in June. Well folks, that time has almost come. The long awaited debut of the miVape is nearly upon us, and we couldn't be more excited!
“VaporNation is a symbiotic fit for Vaporfection as we introduce our portable, true convection miVape vaporizer to the market. I believe it is truly a game changer in terms of its high-quality construction, superior performance and strict adherence to safety standards,” said Dan Wynick, President of Vaporfection. “Aligning with VaporNation provides access to a robust distribution network as well as amazing marketing opportunities that will help us meet the demand for a high-caliber, portable vaporizer at an affordable price.”
We here at VaporNation are extremely excited and honored to be the exclusive North American distributor of the miVape! If you've already placed a pre-order with us, rest easy, as your miVape will be shipping out towards the end of this month, with a free bonus gift. If you haven't pre-ordered your miVape - what are you waiting for?

Check Out What LAist Has to Say About the DaVinci Ascent


If you're lucky enough to own the Ascent by DaVinci, you already know why it's rated as one of the best portable vaporizers on the market. If you don't own an Ascent - don't worry - it's not too late. You can still join the ranks of satisfied vape heads who are proud to call this modern marvel of vaporization their own. recently published a fantastic article about the Ascent, which explores the correlation between high-tech portable vapes like the Ascent, and the emphasis and importance we place on technology in our everyday lives. As the author puts it:
"In today's digital society, technology isn't just something that helps us to simplify and enhance our lives. Instead, our level of technological embrace has become a measure of how we are perceived by others in our day-to-day lives. That judgment is no longer reserved for what version iPhone we have, the pixel resolution of our televisions, or the amount of emissions our cars produce."
While we've been singing the Ascent's praises since it was released late last year, we're stoked to see that vape enthusiasts everywhere feel the same way. There's few other portable units that offer the type of quality, portability and efficiency offered by the Ascent. Designed for vaporizing on-the-go, this trusty little gadget fits perfectly into our busy 21st century digital lives.

If you're looking for a uniquely designed vaporizer which places as much emphasis on function as it does fashion, be sure to check out the Ascent by DaVinci.

The Ascent is available here at the guaranteed lowest price.

Monday, June 15, 2015

Product Spotlight: G Slim Vaporizer - BUSH Edition

The G Slim is the newest offering from Grenco Science, the manufacturer of popular units like the G Pro, G Pen and microG. Redefining what it means to be discreet, the new G Slim sets a whole new standard portability and affordability. Able to heat herbs in just seconds, the newest model from Grenco is the perfect fit for those looking for a fast, portable and effective means of vaporizing on-the-go.

The G Slim BUSH Edition celebrates the release of Snoop's newest album, and marks the second collaboration between Snoop and Grenco Science. This limited edition vape pen features a unique light green and blue color combination, with gold accents - making the G Slim BUSH on of the most fashion-forward herb pens on the market.

The Slim represents a new generation of pen-style vaporizers. With the BUSH Edition G Slim, you'll get advanced performance, lightning fast heating, and enhanced portability - all in an easy to use, stylish vape pen. This new Slim is very user-friendly, making it ideal for those looking for a no-nonsense herb pen. Simply unscrew the mouthpiece and load up your favorite herbs. Next, just press the button to heat as you inhale - it's that easy!

The new G Slim Herbal Vaporizer - Snoop Dogg BUSH Edition is available now for the low price of just $29.95.

Friday, June 12, 2015

Checkout VaporNation on Reddit!

To show our appreciation to the vaporents, we're hooking redditors up with something special.

Visit the VaporNation subreddit. There, you'll find a coupon code for 20% off. While you're there, show us some love and share your experiences with us. We obviously love hearing the good stuff, but if for some reason you were unsatisfied with your shopping experience with us, please let us know. We're always looking to improve in anyway we can, and hearing from our customers is an important part of that process.

As always, our #1 priority is to ensure all of our customers have a positive experience with us, and we'll continue to do everything we can to make that happen. So in between cruising the front page and /trees, visit our subreddit for vape related news and deals on our wide selection of vaporizers and vaporizer accessories.