Wednesday, July 20, 2016

The Firefly 2 Has Landed at VaporNation


It's official - the Firefly 2 is here! Perhaps the most eagerly awaited and highly anticipated portable vapes of all time, the Firefly 2 vaporizer is nothing short of a masterpiece, and a dream come for vaporizer enthusiasts seeking a true convection vaporization experience.

The Firefly 2 features revolutionary Touch Sensor Activation, which only heats herbs when pressure is detected from your fingers. This not only creates a unique "on-demand" vapor experience, but also helps to conserve your herbs, as heating only occurs when you desire, instead of staying heated to a constant temperature and heating herbs even when you're not taking a draw.

55% lighter and 33% smaller than the original Firefly, the Firefly 2 features the ability to heat herbs and concentrates in seconds through 100% convection - a feat that's incredibly rare for a portable vaporizer, and a quality that's highly sought after among true vapor connoisseurs.

While many portable vaporizers claim to operate on the basis of convection heating, very few can actually back up that claim. The Firefly 2, on the other hand, is true convection vaporizer - heating plant material by passing super-heated air through your herbs or wax without any conduction taking place. The result of convection heating is pure, unadulterated vapor free of smoke and other harmful byproducts. This is the way that vaporization was meant to be, making the Firefly 2 the premier portable vaporizer on the market today.

Learn more about the Firefly 2 HERE

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Coming Soon: The APX Wax Vaporizer

Pulsar is back with another exclusive release! The new APX Wax Vaporizer is a wax concentrate compatible version of Pulsar's HUGELY popular dry herb portable, the APX Vaporizer. Like the original APX, the new APX Wax Vaporizer features pocket-sized portability, top notch build-quality, and most importantly - wallet-friendly affordability! Equipped with a Triple Quartz Rod Atomizer that's as advanced as it is powerful, the APX Wax Vaporizer outperforms wax pens and wax mods twice its price. Like the dry herb version of the APX, the APX Wax is designed for those who don't want to sacrifice power and performance for affordability. Now you can have everything you've ever wanted from a wax vaporizer in one small, compact, affordable package!


Equipped with multiple predetermined temperature settings, a pure quartz chamber, an 1100mAh lithium-ion battery, and a massively powerful TRIPLE coil quartz rod atomizer, the APX Wax is revolutionary device that will redefine what you expect from a wax vaporizer. With advancements in technology and competition among manufacturers driving prices down, there's simply no reason to break the bank on an overpriced wax pen or wax mod that leaves you feeling ripped-off and underwhelmed. Like the dry herb APX before it, the new APX Wax Vaporizer is a must-have device for casual wax concentrate connoisseurs and serious daily dab enthusiasts alike.


Boasting one of the most powerful and advanced atomizers in the business, the APX Wax features a triple coil quartz rod atomizer that heats up instantly and vaporizes dabs in just seconds. Very few wax devices utilize triple coil atomizers, which places the APX Wax at the head of the class, But this atomizer isn't just about power, as quartz is a pure, inert material, you can expect the true taste of your wax concentrates to shine through when vaping with the APX Wax. Better yet, the APX's chamber is also constructed from pure quartz, meaning the flavor and taste you'll experience with the APX Wax is second to none.

Learn more about the APX Wax Vaporizer

Thursday, July 14, 2016

Tools for Discreet Vaping

From the heavenly stench of marijuana itself to the ever-so-slight scent emitted from vaporization and its residual effects on clothing and hair, there are a few results of vaping that can expose your behavior when you’d otherwise wish it didn’t. Please, don’t worry. There are options, and where there are options, there are solutions.


First and foremost is the funky, pungent aroma of your cannabis. Regardless of the strain or form (dry leaf, wax, concentrate), there is an unavoidable lingering smell that is exclusively synonymous with weed. Before being vaporized, marijuana’s characteristic scent can be contained and essentially masked with the use of purposefully designed storage products. Prior to bringing your herb somewhere the fragrance would not be appreciated you have two options for comprehensive concealment: bags and jars.

If you’re transporting or storing some stinky chronic, Smelly Proof Bags are your best friend and most indispensable ally. Unlike your average sandwich bag (which is flimsy, not airtight, and extremely fragile), Smelly Proof Bags are composed of extremely durable, medical grade, airtight plastic that will trap in the luxurious flavor of your marijuana for as long as need be.

Smelly Proof Bags are reusable, washable, and resistant to water and puncturing, so you can rest assured knowing your herb is safe and sound. Additionally, Smelly Proof Bags come in a variety of sizes, so whatever the amount is, you’re covered. Ditch the cheap sandwich bags, they don’t contain hardly any of the marijuana aroma and can drastically affect the taste of your herb for the worse.

For stronger, long-term containment, the TightVac Container is the king of stash storage. Coming in a plethora of sizes ranging from 5 grams to a whopping pound, the TightVac Container is the last storage vessel you’ll ever need. The best way to conceal the odor of marijuana is to contain it entirely, and the  TightVac Container utilizes an airtight vacuum seal to trap in every last particle of scent. Not only does the TighVac Container get the job done, it also comes in tinted colors to dampen the harmful effects of light on the herb and does so with incredibly strong, durable plastic. Ultimately, the TightVac Container is a stylish bank vault for marijuana.

Odor Elimination

Let’s face it, although vaporizing cuts down on the smell of ingesting cannabis significantly in comparison to sloppy and noxious combustion methods, there is still an after-effect odor you may wish to eliminate. To understand how to eliminate odor, first you need to understand how smells works. Simply put, when you smell something, in this case marijuana, your nose is picking up on very fine particles of the herb itself. Remember that last fart you unfortunately smelled?

You essentially got tiny poop particles in your nose (let that sink in). This is why the aroma of handled and even vaporized marijuana lingers on parts of your body, hair, and clothing. Now that you understand how the odor sticks around, it’s time to take steps to eliminate it.

The most effective option is of course to wash yourself and your clothes. Residual marijuana odor from both the handling and vaporization of it will cake itself to your shirt, pants, hands, hair, and accessories like a hat. Always try to vape in a well-ventilated area if odor is a concern. Perfumes and body sprays will help, yet do not eliminate the odor but rather attempt to overpower it with a different fragrance. To truly eliminate the marijuana odor with a spray, you will need to employ a designed product such as the Refresh Smoke Odor Eliminator to cover the odor totally.

Detox Products

For those concerned with hair follicle drug tests, one of the most pervasive marijuana detection processes, there are specifically crafted shampoos like the Test Pass Hair Follicle Shampoo which are designed to clear away both the loitering odor of marijuana and evidence of marijuana byproducts in your system that expose themselves under analysis of hair follicles. Depending on your situation, there a ton of different types of detox products to help with any examination.

The most important thing to not forget about evasive vaporizing is that there is an odor even if you can’t smell it. If odor is a concern, always take steps toward containing and storing your herb correctly using a bag or jar, utilize odor eliminator sprays, and always consider the ventilation and airflow of the environment your are vaping in. If you keep the facts in mind, herbal odor will be a thing of the past in your vaping lifestyle.

Friday, July 1, 2016

How Do You Clean a Vaporizer?

A clean vaporizer is a happy vaporizer, and a happy vaporizer makes for a superb vaping experience. If you take the time to properly take care of your vape, it will provide you many years of immaculate, fruitful, pure vaping love. With this is mind, it’s important to understand how to best clean and maintain your vaporizer.

While most vaporizers come with a basic cleaning kit, really all you need are:

  1. Cotton Swabs
  2. Pipe Cleaners
  3. Isopropyl Alcohol
  4. Paper Towels
Bear in mind, not all vaporizers are the same and it’s always best to consult the instruction manual for any specific cleaning requirements. For examples, some vapes include silicon mouthpieces that require special disinfecting liquids to clean safely.

Once you’ve got your tools together, it’s time to find a flat surface and get to work.


Take a moment and think of all the places your vaporizer has been since you last cleaned it. Now imagine all the filth of those spots pressed up against your lips. The point is, the mouthpiece is essentially a breeding ground for bacteria and it requires regular cleansing. Fortunately, cleaning the mouthpiece is painless.

First, detach the mouthpiece from the vaporizer. Next, moisten a pipe cleaner with isopropyl alcohol and gently push it through the mouthpiece opening, repeating until the majority of debris is extricated. Now, set aside the pipe cleaner and use a cotton swab lightly soaked in isopropyl alcohol to carefully clean out any leftover particles in the mouthpiece. Finally, set the mouthpiece on a paper towel to let the isopropyl alcohol evaporate.


If you’re utilizing a whip in your vaporizing practices, you’ll first need to disconnect the plastic hosing from the whip itself. Once separated, immerse the whip in a small container of isopropyl alcohol and let it sit for a few minutes. The alcohol should loosen any accumulated residue and fragments. Next, remove the whip from the alcohol solution and let it dry on a paper towel. Once dry, take a cotton swab and run it through the whip to clear any remaining detritus.


If you’re chamber is dirty, the air will not be able to propel delicious vapor through your freshly cleaned mouthpiece. A filthy chamber will not only greatly hamper the quantity of vapor you’re able to draw from your vaporizer, but the taste will be drastically tainted. 

When leftover particles are allowed to accumulate in the chamber, the airway between the mouthpiece and the chamber is essentially blocked, and forcing air through an uneven path can damage the vaporizer on account of undue stress on the battery, leading to undesired combustion and decreased functionality overall. Additionally, most vaporizer warranties will not cover improper handling of chamber conditions that lead to a broken product.


Not unlike the chamber, the screen plays a vital role in your vaporizers performance. Each vaporizer screen is installed differently, but if you can remove it you can replace it cheaply. However, if you prefer to clean it, simply remove the screen and soak it in a small container of isopropyl alcohol and let dry on a paper towel. If it’s severely clogged, use a pipe cleaner (or toothpick) to scrap excess gunk away.

While cleaning each of these parts be cautious about the precarious elements of your vaporizer. Always do your best to avoid touching, moving, or wetting the heating elements and battery areas. Additionally, there are plenty of cleaning kits available that are designed specifically for cleaning vaporizers if you’re looking for something a little more specialized to vapes.

Don’t forget to make a habit of cleaning your vaporizer. Whether it’s a pen, portable, or a desktop, it is important to remain vigilant about maintaining the cleanliness of your vape at least once a month. It only takes a few minutes but the rewards far outweigh the small dose of elbow grease.

Friday, June 24, 2016

Grinders: Getting Your Herb Ready to Vape

Weed grinders are a fundamental tool for any vaping individual, and their utility is indispensable when it comes to ensuring a tasty, effective, and efficient vaporizing experience. Not only do they amply prepare your herb for use, grinders can also serve as a decorative and unique piece in your vaping arsenal that comes in a virtually unlimited variety of colors and designs.

Grinding your herb allows you to pack the chamber of your vaporizer evenly, as opposed to haphazardly plopping an uneven bud inside. Aside from the obvious of being able to fit far more bud in your vaporizer when it’s ground, using a grinder to shred your herb also grants you the ability to easily pack a flat layer of dried leaf inside the chamber, which is important because a balanced dispersal of herb in your vaporizer results in greater surface area for your vaporizer to convert bud into tasty vapor.

If you don’t adequately grind your leaf, you’re running the risk of restricting airflow through the vapor path to the herb chamber, thus resulting in tighter draw resistance and a less effective (and less pleasurable) vaporization experience.

Grinders come various shapes and sizes. A 2-piece grinder will get the job done but provides few trappings. 3-piece grinders provide additional functionally, separating larger ground herb pieces from the smaller sizes with greater efficiency. If you go for a 4-piece grinder, expect an extra repository designed to collect pollen or kief (nearly powdered herb vestige consisting of high levels of THC).

Simply put, the more pieces or chambers your grinder has, the more collections of finer and finer ground herb you can scoop out for use.

The benefit of a 2-piece grinder is simply portability and ease of maintenance, where as a multi-piece grinder will store a variety of bud densities for you to choose at your discretion, but require more time and patience to amass. Prices increase depending on the number of pieces, and fluctuate based on the strength of the teeth composing the grinder internals.

From wood and plastic to metal and titanium, there are a lot of options and one will surely fall in your price range. The best, however, is a multi-piece grinder with strong teeth that will successfully grind your herb to a consistency that your vaporizer works best with. Consult your vape instructions for its individual requirements in terms of bud texture.

The only real step in preparing your leaf for vaping is to toss your bud between the grinder teeth and have at it. Depending on how fine you desire your herb, you may only have to give it a few twists back-and-forth. If you want a very fine consistency, you will have to grind your weed for a while, routinely inspecting inside the chamber.

If you’re using a portable vape such as the Prima, Haze, SideKick vaporizer, or other similar conduction type unit, you want a fine grind, but not a powder. If you grind the leaf too finely, you may find that your vape hits will include particles of toasted leaf.

On the flip side, if you’re using a portable convection vaporizer like the FireFly 2, or a desktop vaporizer like the Herbalizer, a coarser grind is best.

Ultimately, you will have to do a bit of trial-and-error to find the exact consistency that works best with your vaporizer. Start with a coarse grind and work your way towards a finer texture until your vape hits are clear, clean, and luscious.

Thursday, May 5, 2016

Introducing the Gravity from KandyPens

The latest wax pen innovation from KandyPens has arrived! Improving upon the atomizer technology found on their popular Galaxy and Donuts wax pens, the Gravity includes a newly redesigned Dual Quartz Rod Atomizer w/ quartz cup and titanium coils, as well as a Coilless Ceramic Dish Atomizer.

In addition to the most advanced atomizers of any wax pen, the Gravity also features a stunning black sandblasted finish, giving it a stealthy, sleek & sexy look. There's no other wax pen vaporizer that can match the Gravity's style.

Unlike other wax pens that only offer a single heat setting, the Gravity's temperature controlled battery lets you choose between 4 temperature settings (300°, 350°, 390°, 430°F), giving you complete control over your dab sessions.

As always, KandyPens shows their commitment to their customers by covering the Gravity's battery under an industry-leading LIFETIME WARRANTY. No other manufacturer stands by their products the way KandyPens does.

Thursday, April 7, 2016

'Rogue One: A Star Wars Story' Trailer Released

Big news today for Sci-fi fans, as the first trailer for the upcoming Star Wars spinoff 'Rogue One' was released. This sure to be blockbuster is the first standalone Star Wars film, apart from the main saga. Rogue One takes place somewhere in between Episode III: Revenge of the Sith, and Episode IV: A New Hope. Slated to hit theaters December 16, 2016, (just in time for the holidays), Rogue One is almost certain to have the same massive opening numbers that The Force Awakens saw in its opening week.

The story follows Jyn Erso - played by actress Felicity Jones - whom you might remember most recently from The Theory of Everything. From what we can tell from the trailer, her Han Solo-ish nature is even a bit too rebellious for the Rebel movement. To clear her name and her criminal record, she accepts a mission from Rebellion leader Mon Mothma to steal plans for a new weapon being developed by the Empire; the Deathstar.

Familiar Star Wars staples such as Stormtroopers, AT-AT Walkers, Imperial Star Destroyers and those badass Imperial Guards (the red guys with the swords), all make appearances in the Rogue One trailer, leading us to think that director Gareth Edwards is following the tried and true formula of Star Wars success - and quite frankly - we couldn't be more excited!

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Portable Vaporizers for Every Budget

If you're in the market for a portable vaporizer, then you're in luck! Right now is possibly the best time ever to shop for a new portable. We've recently added some great new wallet-friendy units to our inventory that have been receiving high praise from reviewers and customers alike.

Portable vaporizers have come a long way in the last year. It used to be really difficult to find a quality digital unit for under $150, which is anything but the case these days. Awesome new offerings from Pulsar, Atmos, and Cloud V are ultra-affordable and feature top-of-the-line performance.

Of course, when only the very best will do, top-shelf portables like the Crafty, Mighty, Prima and Arizer Air are as popular as ever and provide a vaporization experience that simply can't be beaten. These units will have you reaching a little deeper in your wallet, but true vapor enthusiasts agree that investing in one of these top-tier models is a worthy investment.

Here are a few of our favorite new portable vaporizers that are pocket-friendly in every sense of the word.

The new APX from Pulsar is the ideal unit for beginners looking for an affordable introductory unit. This little guy has more great features that other portables at twice the price. Super lightweight and compact, the APX can literally be concealed in the palm of your hand, making it the perfect companion for on-the-go vaping. A very generous .35g capacity herb chamber and long-lasting 1600mAh battery make the APX great for extended sessions, Five preset temperature settings and the ability to be used with both dry herbs and wax make this the most versatile portable in its class, hands down.

Atmos recently released a couple of new portable vaporizers that look super-sleek and perform incredibly, the first of which is the new Atmos Jump. No bigger than your average pen-style vaporizer, the Jump is equipped with an adonized heating chamber and operates on the basis of convection, meaning it's a true vaporizer. A carbon fiber exterior gives the Jump an elegant look, but also long-lasting durability. Because the Jump employs a single optimized heat setting (around 400°F), it's a great choice for novices who place a premium on ease of use.

ATMOS VICOD 5G - $139.95

Building on the success of the original Vicod portable vaporizer, the new Vicod 5G is smaller, sleeker and more streamlined. In fact, the 5G just might be the coolest looking portable vaporizer on the market today. But it's not all bout looks with the 5G - this thing really performs nicely. Precise digital temperature control along with an intelligent OLED display allow you to easily choose any temperature to vaporize at between 300°-435°F. A fully ceramic heating chamber allows for convection-style heating and pure, tasty vapor. And for flavor enthusiasts, the included extended glass mouthpiece allows you to experience vapor in its truest form.

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Pulsar APX Video Review

Our friends over at Vaporizer Review just released their video review of the new Pulsar APX portable vaporizer - which is one of our favorites. Small, compact, discreet and affordable, the APX is just $60, and outperforms other portables twice its price. Compatible with both dry herbs and wax concentrates, the APX is an awesome unit for beginners who don't want to spend an arm and a leg on their first portable vaporizer, or for vape veterans who are looking to get the most bang for their buck.

Thursday, March 10, 2016

Dab Anywhere with Portable E-Nails

Portable, battery-powered e-nails are quickly becoming the preferred devices of dab enthusiasts who value versatility - and we've got the latest offerings from two of the biggest names in the industry, Cloud V and Dr. Dabber! Unlike traditional e-nails that need to be plugged into a wall outlet, the Cloud V Electro and Dr. Dabber Boost are completely battery-powered and rechargeable, so they can be brought anywhere your dabs take you.

While old-school e-nails tend to be big, bulky and require attachment to an existing water piece, these new versions are smaller, highly portable, and come standard with their own water filtration devices - so you don't need to purchase any additional equipment. 

The Electro and Boost are also far more affordable than traditional dab rigs, which can cost anywhere from $400 - $1000! In today's technologically advanced world, you no longer need to spend an arm and a leg to get a top of the line wax concentrate experience.

Equipped with replaceable titanium nails, these units are capable of reaching max temperatures of up 700°F (Boost) and 1000°F (Electro). Even better, they operate solely on battery power, you're no longer restricted to only being able to enjoy concentrates indoors. Take the Electro or Boost with you anywhere, and enjoy your favorite dabs, shatter, crumble and oil in the great outdoors!

These modern marvels of wax vaporization are redefining the industry, and opening up a whole new world of performance and versatility to concentrate connoisseurs. Join the revolution, and pick up your portable e-nail from VaporNation.